6 Ekim Perşembe, Boston Buluşması

2 yıldır İstanbul'da ve Ankara'da düzenlenen buluşmalar ilk defa yurtdışında düzenleniyor. New York'tan sonraki buluşma Boston'da! MIT kampüsünde düzenlenecek buluşmada Bilkent EE 1992 mezunlarından Erdoğan Çeşmeli'yi konuk ediyoruz.


Erdoğan Çeşmeli / Executive Director @ GE Ventures

Erdogan Cesmeli, PhD, MBA, is Executive Director of Catalyst at GE Ventures, which aims to establish collaborations with scientific entrepreneurs to generate world-changing outcomes, indirectly shaping the future of GE.

In 1999, he started his GE career as a scientist at the Global Research Center, Niskayuna, NY, USA. After having several GEHC (healthcare) marketing positions in Milwaukee, WI, USA, in 2007, Erdogan moved to Paris, France, to be the GEHC International Marketing Director for Cardiology. He was then promoted to be the Chief Marketing Officer for GEHC Interventional Systems. In 2011, Erdogan moved to Istanbul, Turkey, and became Chief Marketing Officer, MENAT (Middle East, North Africa, & Turkey). He established marketing function, initiated leadership programs, & created a pipeline of $10B opportunities via new markets. Between April 1, 2013 & March 1, 2016, he managed $900M investment aiming infrastructure, localization and innovation development, enabling the creation of more than 2500 jobs. During this role, he created an innovation ecosystem that generated 140+ startups, 150+ internal coaches and a new platform called OKYAY connecting Turkish Venture Capitals and entrepreneurs with those of USA. Consequently, he was offered a newly created role in GE Ventures & relocated to Boston, MA as an Executive Director of Catalyst program.

Erdogan is married to Tulin. Their favorite activity is to teach and learn from their 14 years old daughter, Erin Alaz, and 10 years old son, Artun Berk. He also enjoys world history, etymology, jazz & classical music, and tennis & cycling.